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Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE)

November 8 2011       168 Views        Faculties Corner

Senior Lecturer-VACANT



Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation   (CMDE)

It is the centre to provide resource support in the development of locally relevant curriculum and educational evaluation of school, Adult education at the district level. It will carry out the following functions.

  • To adopt and develop the curricular units according to the local needs
  • To develop the techniques and guidelines for continuous and comprehensive evaluation.
  • To help DRU in developing the locally relevant materials
  • To undertake testing on sample basis to assess the learner achievements
  • To help educational authorities and schools ii implementing reliable and valid system of valid learner evaluation
  • To conduct work shop for developing various materials
  • To conduct iservice programmes related to CMDE
  • To provide CMDE related inputs in to all other programmes of DIET

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